Become a Caregiver

Our Caregivers

Hoosiers at Home understands the decision to invite a caregiver into your home to provide homecare can be met with reservation. Our personalized screening process is designed to maximize your peace of mind. After matching you with a caregiver, you'll have the choice to interview any caregiver that we refer to you.

Only the best

Hoosiers at Home is proactive in finding the best caregivers in the area who bring experience in providing the services that are needed in your home. Many of our caregivers have worked with us personally and professionally for years and have a strong employment history in caring for seniors as well as in the medical field. We perform multiple interviews with each prospective caregiver and go beyond standard background checks to obtain references from reliable sources (previous clients, agencies, healthcare institutions, religious and volunteer organizations, etc.) before we make an offer of employment.

These are a few characteristics we look for in potential employees

Hoosiers at Home is always looking for future caregivers. If you have these characteristics and want a career that compensates you competitively, offers opportunity for growth and provides a daily dose of personal satisfaction, contact our Hoosiers at Home office now!

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