Sorting clothes to wash

Switching loads

Folding clothes


Organizing clothes

Putting clothes away

Carrying laundry that might be too heavy or bulky for client to carry


Mealtime clean-up

Hand-washing dishes

Loading and unloading the dishwasher

Putting away dishes


Grocery shopping

Social events

Doctor’s appointments

Prescription drop off and pick up



Miscellaneous errands

To the park or just out for a drive

Personal Care with dignity and respect

Bathing assistance


Brushing teeth and hair



Incontinence care


Meal preparation

Meal clean-up


Recording meals and intake for family

Grocery shopping

We have a wonderful plan for easy, nutritious, affordable meals that makes shopping easy and preparation even easier. Our caregivers will be happy to assist with this process.


Light cleaning

Dusting, vacuuming, organizing, mopping

Basic home up-keep

Changing light bulbs

Reasonable rearranging

Garbage removal

Make beds and change linens

Window cleaning

Windows able to be reached without a ladder

Watering plants

Respite Care


Work time

Healthy time away for caregivers

Medication reminders

While we can’t distribute medications we can provide reminders to take medications and read labels

We can also help coordinate with Pharmacies to get your medications into pre-packaged form to facilitate ease of taking and decrease of confusion with regards to medication times and compliance.


Share history

Discuss current events

Play games/puzzles

Family albums

Assist with organizing photos and keepsakes

Living by oneself can be lonely at times and sometimes you just need someone to listen while you talk

Transcribe letters and correspond

Mail letters and retrieve mail

Pet Care Assistance

Take dog for a walk

Feed and water animals

Cleaning out litterbox

Pets can be great company for people and have been shown to lengthen and add quality of years to life. Having a pet can be difficult for some people due to mobility issues. We can help to ease that burden and allow people to keep their pets longer enriching their life.

Hospital Discharge Transition

Provide a safe and comfortable move from the hospital or nursing home setting back to the home environment.

Reminders and assistance for post-surgery care

Mental stimulation and assistance after a stroke or heart attack while strength is regained.

New Mom and Bedrest Pregnancy Assistance

Lifting laundry

Meal preparation

Assist with errands

Allow mom to nap

Light cleaning- vacuuming, dusting, mopping, dishes

** all to help mom have time to bond with the new baby and regain strength after delivery.

Post partum depression/psychosis:

Provide presence for enhanced child safety

Active listening to allow the new mom to express fears and concerns of new parenthood.

Perfect when family is far away or significant other travels or works outside of the home

**GREAT baby shower gift!!!

Hospital and Nursing Home

Provide 1:1 sitters for suicide risk, fall risk and escape risk patients. Instead of taking someone off the nursing floor to be 1:1 with a patient and potentially paying overtime or creating burn-out among healthcare employees.

Alzheimer/Dementia Care

Help maintain a safe environment

Provide mind-stimulating activities

Supervise daily activities

Assist with meals

Help to keep normal daily living activities part of the daily routine

Escorted walks that otherwise wouldn’t be safe alone

Home/Family member monitoring

Notify family of any changes in health or condition of the client

Be aware of potential hazards in the home and strive to create a safe environment for the clients

Correspond with family

Keep log of food intake and activities for family to review

Disabled and Brain injury

1:1 sitter for welfare and safety

Assist with transfers

Personal care and grooming

Adapt to changing needs in brain injury, paralysis clients.

Incontinence care

Assist with ongoing recovery

Assist with skills to be active in the community according to their interests and abilities.

Community Resource Coordination

Arrangement of wheelchair/bed transportation

Information about support groups

Information about community activities to keep people up on happenings in the area that might be of interest.

Will assist in obtaining paperwork to apply for financial assistance/housing, etc